Colon Hydrotherapy


A bath on the insides

Are you suffering from any of the following? Bloating, constipation, dark circles under the eyes, tiredness, pot belly, tension, fatigue, indigestion, chronic headaches, nausea? All these are symptoms of an underactive and clogged bowel. With our modern lifestyles and unhealthy diets, this habit leads to huge amounts of toxic build up in our bodies. If you require added benefits of tummy flattening and intensive detoxification, the Colonic should be perfect for you.

Cocoon Medical Spa uses a closed system of colon hydrotherapy. It is completely closed, so there is no mess, no smells, no embarrassment. It is a very gentle system, it does not rely on pressure to create the result, instead it is all about your expert therapist manually and gently massaging your abdomen and releasing the tubes when needed.

It is very relaxing and you will feel completely cleansed after the treatment.


1 hour



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