Biometric Wellness Screening

Every Cocoon detox package begins with a cutting-edge ‘Biometric Wellness Screening’.  This is a non-invasive, advanced ‘touchless technology’ that gives a fast, accurate and clear overview of key biomarkers about your health. It’s an intelligent body screening that diagnoses where one needs to make adjustments in their nutrition, hydration, skincare, weight, fitness and energy levels.

From your readings, we can personalise a bespoke multi-day program to set you on an empowered path. Take the first step towards making improvements to your health and lifestyle.

The reading includes:
Blood pressure – Heart rate – Body Composition – Body Fat
Muscle – BMI – Water – Basal metabolism

How it works:

The Cocoon Biometric screening offers a clinical evaluation of your health. We assess health issues that could be markers to why you are feeling low energy, sluggish or putting on weight.

Early detection of health issues is important to preventing diseases such as cancer and heart disease. The results from the screening may identify where the health problems lay. And you may feel a sense of motivation to achieve physical and mental wellbeing goals after taking the screening.

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