Cocoon Healing Massages

Much loved Asian therapies with spirit and soul.

All massages include our signature Balinese Mind, Body & Soul Rituals, including:

• Your Cocoon Alchemist will personalise the massage, by using a variety of tools and ancient Oriental healing accessories to give you deep relaxation, reduce muscle tension and transport you to the next level of relaxation. Accessories include: warm compress, Gua Sha, volcanic stones, foot and head wraps, Maderotherapy, Tibetan sound healing singing bowl, salt poultices, vibrational tuning fork and bamboo sticks, silk eye masks.

• All massages finish with a divinely relaxing Kobido facial massage and Tibetan head massage.

• 100% essential oriental oils directly from Bali and Thailand to detoxify the skin and hydrate, for smooth radiant skin.

  • Ylang-Ylang: to reduce inflammation and improves skin and hair
  • Lemongrass: antioxidant, soothing, calming
  • Jasmine: de-stress, improve mood, boost immunity
  • Ginger: increases serotonin, balances stomach and digestion
  • Nutmeg: detoxifies, improve s blood circulation

Balinese Santi Signature Massage

Santi means “Deeply Relax” in Balinese, and this is exactly what this massage does. Long, flowing Balinese traditional movements, combined with Asian ancient therapy accessories and tools. Including wraps, warm compresses, sound therapy and vibrational tools to help with muscle pain areas. Concludes with our signature Tibetan head massage and Kobido facial massage.

60/90 minutes

Warm River Stone Massage

We massage warm volcanic rocks that retain heat on key stressor points to ease tightness in the back, neck, and shoulders. A remedy for chronic fatigue, stress, and sleep issues.

60/90 minutes

Asian Fusion

Achieve CHI balance by releasing deep muscle tension with ancient Asian techniques, including Balinese flowing strokes, Thai stretches, Chinese Tu-Na therapeutic massage. Techniques include kneading, pressure point, rolling and stretching that will heal and energise. It works therapeutically into deeper muscle layers, addressing trigger points with gentle pressure and release techniques.

60 / 90 minutes

Karuna Kaya Deep Recovery

Deep Tissue Rescue. Tension Release Remedy. Energy Boost.

Using tools and accessories including bamboo stick, Gua Sha, reflexology tool, to the individual’s need. Together with deeper massage techniques to release muscle knots and tension.

 60 / 90 minutes

Kundalini Back Release Digital Detox

Focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and head, this massage is highly recommended for stressed out, exhausted souls. A digital detox from the repetitiveness of working with computers and devices that create tight, tense muscles. Deep, soothing strokes with the addition of the therapist tools including tuning forks, sound healing, warm compress, awaken the body’s energy, opens chakras, releases negativity and balances the nervous system.

60 / 90 minutes

Feel-Good Feet, Hands & Facial Reflexology

Circulation Booster. Fluid Retention. Jet Lag Remedy.

Be treated to the ultimate reflexology experience. Your lower leg and foot massage is enhanced with hand reflexology to soothe overuse of the digitalis, and concludes a mind-balancing facial massage with gentle acupressure.

60 / 90 minutes

Balinese Boreh Scrub + Collagen Body Cream

After a copper dry body brush to slough away dead skin cells, a scrub will deeply cleanse and exfoliate tired skin. Using traditional Balinese ingredients, such as nutmeg, ginger and lemongrass, it will boost blood circulation, release toxins, ease achy muscles and detoxify the body. Finishe with an application of Cocoon’s Slim + Shape rich body cream, which helps eliminate fatty cellulite and fluid retention and improves skin tone and elasticity.

60 / 90 minutes

Cinta “LOVE” Couple Massage

Connect with your loved one with a relaxing and peaceful couple’s massage. A couple’s therapy but individual to each of you, as you choose your preferred massage, accessories, oils and timing.

60 / 90 minutes

Traditional Thai Bodywork

Cocoon’s experienced Thai therapists treat the body using a dry, no oil, and clothed massage on the floor. With a 2,000 old traditional Thai approach – using thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, knees and even shins to press and stretch your body.

A delicious combination of essential oils including Lemongrass, Lavender and traditional Thai Massage. A deeply relaxing and restorative massage using ancient healing strokes that combine acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

After a refreshing foot ritual, your therapist will use traditional reflexology techniques for deep relaxation. Massage on the calves using long strokes; and the feet – focusing on pressure points on the heels, toes and ankles.

All our therapies are supplemented with Asian style tools, including Reflexology sticks, Thai herbal compress, warm wheat pack, Gua Sha, and bamboo sticks.

60 / 90 minutes

* Level-up any of these massage experiences with the PEMF Crystal Healing Infrared body mat, Copper Dry Body brush, Oxygen Halo “Breath of Life” or the LED 360 Body Red Light Radiance. 

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