Pamper Yourself with Our Luxury Press-on Nails

Press-on nails are a top choice for who wants beautiful, natural-looking enhancement without damage. Crafted from durable yet flexible acrylic resin, press-ons slide right over the natural nail, transforming hands in an instant. Unlike glue-on methods, press-on application creates no messy residue or risk of lifting.

They offer several advantages over other false nail options. Unlike acrylics that adhere directly to the natural nail, press-on nails protect the natural nail underneath. This allows the natural nails to grow stronger and healthier.

The press-on nails themselves are also quite durable, resisting chips and scratches better than other artificial options. Their smooth, glossy finish stays chip- and fade-free for weeks of flawless tips.

While quick water exposure is no problem, press-ons should not be soaked long-term, as moisture can weaken the bond. With proper care, they deliver lasting shine and protection.

The range of shape options – round, square, almond, or pointed – allows you to customize your look.

In summary, press-on nails are a versatile and low-maintenance artificial nail option that keeps natural nails healthy while providing a flawless manicured look.


Normal: 25bd

Deluxe: 32bd
1:15 hrs

Gel: add on 8bd
Add 15 mins

Fixing: 12bd (max 4 nails)

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